Digital TV Recorders: Recording Made Easy

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It is so much easier than it used to be recording your favorite shows with digital TV recorders. By recording onto a hard drive rather than a cassette (or DVD) these devices overcome many of the shortcomings of the VHS. As a result there are several advantages.

One clear advantage is the issue of storage. Previously you would have had to store loads of VHS cassettes if you wanted to keep your recordings. And then, of course, you will need some sort of system to ensure you can actually find what you have recorded. By having your recordings on a hard drive you instantly do away with your storage problems. You will find that different models of digital TV recorders will have different storage capacities, but most will have more than sufficient for the average person's needs.

The onscreen navigation means that you can quickly locate your recordings, which has to be preferable to digging your way through piles of VHS cassettes. So it is easy to keep track of exactly what you have recorded so you will never lose your recordings again.

A major advantage that using a hard drive over VHS as a memory device is there is no loss of quality over time. Also you can record as many times as you like without any loss of quality at all, which is in complete contrast to VHS cassettes which gradually deteriorate to a point where they are unusable.

A common feature of digital TV recorders is the ability to record an entire season of shows with the press of a button. This is a series time saver as it removes the necessity to program for each individual episode. Many models also allow you to programme your device via the internet or with your cellphone which means that you do not always have to plan ahead to make sure that you catch your favorite shows.

Digital TV recorders clearly have many advantages over VHS and certainly mark a major step forward in technology and home entertainment.

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Digital TV Recorders: Recording Made Easy

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This article was published on 2010/10/14